I am currently working as teacher of Art at Berkhamsted School, Herts.

From Sept 2013 – July 2014, I worked as Artist in Residence at King Edward’s School, Witley, in Surrey. During this resiency I was awarded the Signature Art Prize for sculpture.

In September 2013 I graduated with MA in Fine art from Camberwell and Chelsea College of Art and Design. Previously, I studied for BA English Literature at Oxford University. My work is strongly influenced by these literary roots, in particular the work of Joseph Conrad.

My work aims to contrast spontaneous gestural mark-making with meticulous and painstaking mechanical process. I do this by making simple drawings into sculptures, manipulating them so that they are disrupted by a perfect mechanical grid. Arguably it is the drawing interrupting the grid, but it is the tension of this dichotomy in which I am so interested.

This is achieved using a variety of materials and techniques, most recently pencil drawings on MDF which have been hand-cut, sanded and painted to form the end results, which are at once sculptures and drawings. The simple marks used in the drawings are intended to emphasize the contrast between the simplicity of the drawing and the complexity of the process and the sculpture itself. My work consistently returns to these ideas, as well as constantly questioning the boundaries between sculpture and drawing/painting by creating pieces that incorporate elements of both.

The consistent use of incomplete, screen-like structures that frame the interwoven negative space is the product of a long-term fascination with the inevitably incomplete communication between Artist and viewer.

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